Should you aspire to a Growth Culture?

Do you ever reflect on what is really important to you and your business? Regular reflection should not be avoided, instead it should be encouraged (and even diarised). 

What do you aspire for your business, where do you want to take it and how does this dovetail with your personal goals? 

What are your aspirations of legacy, financial rewards, visible accomplishments, succession plans, exit strategies, time to retirement?

Understanding these dynamics helps set your priorities and next steps. A growth strategy may not be the right course for you and your organisation.

The three C’s of Culture, Consistency and Complexity can hold back chasing aggressive growth strategies. And then there’s energy – how much do you really want to expend to chase growth? 

Do you have the energy and fortitude to be a disruptor again? It can be paralyzing just to even entertain the thought.

As growth consultants, we recognise the challenges and can help business owners and executives move forward with purpose and clarity, with realism and optimism. We’re often part consultant, part coach and part therapist.

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