Can We Help?

Who We Help​

We work with business founders, owner-operators and with the C-Suite; we work with marketers and we help dedicated growth teams. We’ve worked with lost souls and with business titans.

We can assist in market validation and cementing product-market fit (PMF). We can finesse an MVP (minimum viable product) and help set it loose.

We help teams understand the difference between sunk and opportunity cost. Sometimes it’s best to throw it away and move on; often it takes an outsider to get that message through.
Growth Hack will help with the tools and with the creativity, with the ideation and the prioritisation of hypothesis; you must bring your unique industry perspective to the process.

Can we help - Growth Hack

Why We Can Help​

Good ideas are many. But often it requires focus, experimentation and iteration to trigger that explosive idea.

Often, as an outsider we can see what others, much closer to the source, cannot. We are not emotionally attached. We treat concepts as malleable and fungible until product-market fit is perfected. We’re here to assist you find the better mousetrap.

Don’t let your product, concept, idea live in the shadows. Don’t be afraid to get it out into the open (sunlight disinfects, after all) and let potential customers run with it. Listen to the feedback, analyse the data, iterate and keep up the momentum until there is product-market fit.

It is often extraordinarily hard to get a 100% doubling of your business; it is much easier to find one hundred 1% incremental improvements.

Collaboration is crucial: between you and us and between business units. Often it requires an outsider to break down the walls between departments; particularly between the silos of Marketing, Product and IT.

Digital transformation and growth hacking cannot be operated as IT projects and the whole organisation must be clear on this. We can help bridge the communication gap, dismantle the silos and lift the fog of obfuscation.

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